Attorney Rosti works hard for each of her clients. Her passion for what she does, her expertise and knowledge, her compassion and understanding make her a highly sought after immigration attorney. Read what her clients have to say about her efforts on their behalf:
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Joann Martinez
July 15, 2019.
Very nice Lawyer
Margo Grigorio Bellotti
February 1, 2018.
Recommended !!! She is just awesome! Very knowledgeable!
Mustafa Q
January 29, 2015.
I needed to apply for my US citizenship and was looking for some help with my application due to some small complications i had. I googled for a local attorney and came across Susan. she was super friendly and very informative. she helped me and explained the whole process step by step and made the whole experience super easy. i got my finger prints done within 1 month and i'm currently waiting for my final step to become a us citizen. i referred my brother to her, and really recommend her services.

The best Immigration Attorney I could ask for.

Around September of 2013, my American dream was under siege, my marriage fell apart and in 2014 I was on deportation list, with two kids and a Pct job, I found myself between the proverbial rock and a hard place. I found Law firm of Susan Rosti on Google and gave her a call on a Saturday and by the next Monday she gave me a call and made a promise to get me out and get what’s righty mine and even worked with me with regards to payments as her reasonable payment schedule was very helpful. 7 years on, I and my two kids are citizens of the United States of America.

Thank you Susan, I and my kids are indebted to you for the great selfless service you rendered to us. I recommend this firm to any looking for a trusted immigration attorney that knows their job.



Great Experience!

I have been coming to Susan for 6 years now, and it has always been a pleasure. She works fast and makes hard situations seem easy. Great esq, great outcome!

If you want to make sure you fill out immigration forms the right way, then Susan is the right attorney you need. Thanks to her advice, today I’m a U.S. citizen. She made everything easier.



Susan in a dynamite lawyer. She is sharp and super quirky which helped ease our fear. After a lengthy and very complicated and trying case with a lot of up’s and down’s she made us winners in case that no other attorney thought we would win. I can’t remember how we found Susan but I’m grateful that we did because she gave me the best gift of all which is my mom’s opportunity to stay in this country. Hands down I would recommend her time and time again. Thank you so much Susan for all you’ve done.



Susan thank you for helping my daughter to be an USA citizen. Me and my father are grateful for your help, even when we were so far away in Greece. You are an amazing lawyer and the best! God send me to you. I hope the best of you and believe me you deserve it.

Nick V.


The best lawyer ever. Thank you for your honesty and help. Everything came through as you said. Got my green card as you said. You are great. Thank you so much.

Cesar R.C.


I recently got my Green card and name change approved with Ms. Rosti representing me. I appreciate her for being approachable, extremely professional and pushing relentlessly for the success of my filing.

Not only She is warm and nice person, but she is highly talented and very good lawyer.

She showed up understanding of the issues USCIS had and was able to lead me through the whole process in a timely manner. She was contacting me all the time to let me know the stage that I was in.

I can say that Ms. Rosti is a wonderful, supportive and very dedicated person and I do not feel I could be in better hands. Can’t thank her enough and I’m looking forward to work with her again on my Citizenship and marriage applications.

Jack Z.


Susan, a name always comes in my mind who I believe more than an attorney and a true friend of her clients in the real world! I would love to say Susan is more than an attorney, she is also a friend!

I married my wife Emma who is a US Citizen In the mid of 2013 which was a few weeks before my final individual hearing as I was placed in removal proceedings in immigration court in New York City. At that moment, God sent Susan to be appointed to my case.

After hiring Susan as my attorney, my immigration proceeding was terminated on the day of my individual hearing. Thanks God! But the story was not over yet.

In the middle of 2014, I was interviewed by a USCIS officer for my family based petition in presence of my attorney Susan. I was on hold in a very lengthy process of USCIS for my family based petition possibly because of USCIS backlog. I was so frustrated due to USCIS lengthy process. It was Susan again who made a lot of INFOPASS appointments with USCIS on my behalf.

My wife and I were also experiencing financial difficulties during this time. I told Susan about our financial situation. Susan extended her friendly hand again and did all my work for a competitive legal fee. Finally around March 2017, I got my green card.

Thanks a million to Susan Rosti for her great work on my case and who really takes care of her clients.

Imanuel M.

US K1 Visa and Green Card


Susan Rosti helped my fiancé at the time with all our legal and immigration questions. A year ago now, my wife is a legal Green Card holder we have a peace in my mind that if it wasn’t for Susan Rosti help we would have made errors. She was super responsive to everything that we needed to finish our process with coming to America.
Thank you Susan I highly recommend you

John D.


I needed to apply for my US citizenship and was looking for some help with my application due to some small complications I had. I Googled for a local attorney and came across Susan. She was super friendly and very informative. She helped me and explained the whole process step by step and made the whole experience super easy. I got my finger prints done within 1 month and I’m currently waiting for my final step to become a US citizen. I referred my brother to her, and really recommend her services.

Mustafa Q


Where should I begin? Susan was a blessing in disguise I didn’t know what I would do to protect my husband from deportation. I was referred to an office whom I was informed could help me but because it was not a simple case had no luck only to be told they could not help us. But lo and behold they referred us to our angel in disguise Susan Rosti she did everything possible to help us and was able to have my husbands deportation proceedings stopped, and is still working with us. So for that and other reasons we are completely grateful. Thank you again Susan you are truly a blessing.

Phito & Kevanya


I can’t even begin to explain how great Susan is, She took on such complicate case with me after I went to take my Citizenship test, and they told me I had a deportation notice (I’m a permanent resident and have always been here lawfully). Homeland security explains they separated my file, lost my file, and every excuse on the book to why my case became as complicate as it did. The amount of work and time she put on my case truly showed she cared about me as an individual not just a job you do. Where other lawyers would not take my case because it was too time consuming and complicated. She took on it and for years (because it took about 3 and 1/2 years) did a wonderful job.”



Hiring Susan Rosti to represent my husband in immigration court was the best thing I could have done. Not only is she professional, but she also has a heart. She didn’t see my husband as another case. She had a lot of compassion for my family. Susan had built a good case, knew all of the right forms to file, and knew how to go about getting through his difficult case.

My husband won his case because of Susan’s hard work. She kept my husband from being deported out of the U.S. Susan saved my family from falling apart.

Kristen & Jeremiah


Attorney Susan Rosti was recommended to me by a Law firm that could no longer represent me in my case to remove conditions from the temporary green card. Due to the divorce and complications in the case I needed a very detailed oriented person who will make the right decisions so I could obtain my permanent status.

Ms. Rosti did a great job on preparing needed documents and filed them on time. She was contacting USCIS regularly to make inquiries about my status. I was always informed via email or a phone call. She stayed on the top of my case throughout the whole process.

I am very grateful to Attorney Rosti for helping me to stay in tho country and continue my best to reach my own “American Dream”. I would recommend her to everyone who is seeking an immigration path to a citizenship. Thank you.


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